WE do... What WE love to do...

Founded by the Dr. KOTA NARASIMHA MURTHY in 2017 in Vizag, India.

With the company's roots still based in Vizag, few are aware of the breadth or the diversity of Kota Movie Creations entertainment and media assets. Kota Movie Creations is a budding company in Kota Groups.

Kota group's mission is to make it easy to business anywhere.

Kota Movie Creations, a fully integrated, broad-based company stands at the forefront of every aspect of the entertainment industry from feature film, television and home entertainment production.

With media networks reaching approximately 700 million global subscribers, Kota Movie Creations will aim for it.

Kota Movie Creations strives to maintain a work environment that upholds the highest standards of business behaviour. Our company values individuals who are ethical, work smart and share the dedication and passion that will make Kota Movie Creations the success.

We Produce

  • - Feature Film Production.
  • - Television Show Production.
  • - Series Production.
  • - Co-Production.